Artificial Insemination

Ballybrown is fully equipped for both chilled and frozen semen AI at our clinic.  We also have the facility to store frozen semen for future use, if so required. Please take a look at our A.I Section for further information.


We offer a broad range of surgical services including ‘wind surgeries’, corrective procedures for foal limb deformities, castrations, cryptorchid (rig) surgeries, hernia reductions, joint and tendon flushes, wound repairs. We also perform a range of standing procedures where the horse does not need a general anaesthetic e.g. sinus surgery and mare reproduction corrective surgeries.


We can provide many of the current major advances seen in lameness investigation. Our clinic facilities enable us to evaluate lame horses on a variety of surfaces.  Once the horse’s gait has been fully evaluated, nerve or joint blocks can be performed in order to localise the lameness and this is then followed up by a variety of diagnostic imaging techniques aided by high quality ultra-sound equipment and digital radiography (x-ray).


At Ballybrown Equine Clinic we are committed to investigating medical sources of poor performance including gastric ulcers and diseases of the intestines, liver, kidneys, heart and lungs using our up-to-date diagnostic equipment e.g ultrasound and video-endoscopy.

In our dedicated Intensive Care Unit, constant and critical monitoring can be performed around the clock for seriously ill patients.


Our mobile service provides on-site veterinary care to breeders, owners and trainers within a large radius of the clinic.

For studs these services include mare/stallion reproduction, foal care, mobile digital radiography, video-endoscopy and advice on disease control/prevention programmes.

For racing yards and other training establishments we also offer a full range of services, including respiratory disease control, poor performance investigation and lameness work-ups.

Pre Sales Examinations/Vettings

We perform x-ray sets and videoscopes for all major horse sales.

Our vets are also on the pre-sales veterinary panels for Goffs, Tattersalls, Goresbridge and Cavan Sales companies.


We offer a wide range of in-house laboratory services such as:

  • Haematology
  • Biochemistry
  • Fibrinogen
  • SAA
  • Joint fluid analysis
  • Semen Quality analysis
  • Plasma harvesting
  • Faecal Worm Egg count
  • Faecal Occult Blood testing
  • Urinalysis
  • IgG measurement
  • PRP preparation
  • IRAP preparation
  • Bacteriology – culture and sensitivity
  • Cytology and Uterine swabs

You can submit your samples directly to the Laboratory and clinical advice will be available from our equine clinicians. We aim to provide same day results for samples submitted before 10 am.